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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer shots at Long Ridge

This night feeder has not shown me a fawn yet!
 The next three shots are of our Monarch garden. I never mow the lower half of the Far Field until September or October so the ground nesters, rabbits et al have lots of cover. About half of that is an intense milkweed stand where the monarchs are born late in the summer. Yesterday I counted ten monarchs in the stand. The bee is welcome, but wasn't here in time for all the apple trees. Hardly any fruit on them this year.

 Hard to tell from the picture but this track is huge, just over four and a half inches long!
 Here is another quite good sized on in the upper new clover lot...
 These Robin babes were hatched in the winter barn (there are three in the nest) and just flew out the day before yesterday. This family comes back year after year and builds in the same spot.
 But for each joyful hatching, there must be a tragedy somewhere else in nature. It is her way...Below is a scene of the last stand of one of our free ranging chickens. We think a large hawk, but cannot be sure. The next day another from the same spot, so they are semi-confined for a while. We go months without bother, and then bam!
 Some pretty doe shots below on the Far Ridge.

 Back to the mineral lick.

The bucks have disappeared for a few days in these shots. I hope to pull my cards today to see if they have returned. Wishing all out there a great and safe summer and Independence Day!


  1. Great pictures from your countryside. Nice bucks. I havent seen any fawns too. Unfortunately I didnt see any nest. We have very tall trees in our garden so its difficult to see them.

  2. Great catch you have over there. I think the The Spyderco Manix 2 Knife would cut through it like butter. Oh man! That deer is huge! How did you manage to catch one that caliber?


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