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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

End of Spring at Long Ridge

Spring around the farm and camp has gone as it usually does. Too much to do, too little time to do it...After the homestead winter clean-up, there are trails to clear from the inevitable blow downs. My ATV below is actually lightly loaded for this particular outing. I'll often have all of this plus 3/4 bags of lime and fertilizer. When revitalizing plots way out, this is the only way to go.
 I watched this early spring Robin build her entire nest, which turned out to be a decoy. She built three more at camp, and then snuck off to a sheep shed where she has successfully fledged three babes.
 This picture is at the Far Field clover plot and this is the first coyote I have on camera in 6 months! (unfortunately there are two more following this one). A neighboring farmer shot 14 over the winter and pretty much cleared the area of them, so there was very little deer kill here. But 'we're baaaack!'
 This little guy is doing OK for sure, and feeds here nearly every day (and night).
 This sweet little babe is following mom across the West Plot. First spring fawn caught on camera. Hope to see LOTS more!
 First bear on camera also for this spring, and in my opinion, bears take more fawns than coyotes. This looks to be about two years.
 A second little guy I'll pass on in the fall.
 If this guy below keeps up at this rate he may be a taker come season!
 I always love to see these little bucks (it always seems to be little bucks) mess with the turkeys. The birds are not the least worried, and simply dodge around until the deer get bored with the game.
 These beautiful Pink Slippers always love to grow in the trails so for several weeks I have to skirt them with care when on an ATV. There were tons this spring, many more than normal.
We've seeded two more smaller clover plots this spring and a larger plot with a mix that I found at a box store for 60% off after last deer season. No idea whether it will perform, but for 8 bucks I couldn't pass on it. With the rain we just had, I'll motor out to check all the plots today. It's already time to start planning and prepping your fall plots. No need to spray yet (let the deer enjoy what is there for the summer) but now is an excellent time to lime. That way any fertilizer you add in the fall when you plant can be fully utilized.
Oh, one more thing. Time to put up your archery targets!
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