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Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Arrives at Long Ridge

It has been a hot wet June here at LR, and I am totally bored with mowing lawns and typical farm maintenance chores. Just aching to get back to the woods, as are the pups for their walks. From early May through mid-July I don't let the dogs go beyond the camp parking lot. They will invariably happen upon a fawn carefully hidden by Mom close to human habitat. (fewer coyotes and bears) This has cost us dearly in vet bills in the past. The only wood trekking I do is ATV out to change camera cards. I use to clear trees, mow food plots and that sort of thing all summer but no longer. Every tree cut in May or June has an occupied nest, or lands on a turkey nest or near a fawn. Come mid July, I'll be out there.
This doe below looks to have given birth.
Hard to tell in the next few pictures what this rack will look like by August. He IS taking his mineral supplement though.

A gorgeous bobcat but check his mouth. He is panting in this heat.
Hard to imagine a prettier face!
I suspect that both coyote pictures are the same leggy dude..
A happy raccoon taking minerals. Apparently there is some distemper going around with these guys, some have been seen staggering and foaming at the mouth.

A Far Ridge resident cruising through.

Below I call this guy the 'Night Stalker'
A red fox camera curious?

Not absolutely sure what this visitor is, but guessing a raccoon - anyone else want to guess?

As we hit July it is time for you archers to get your bows tuned, and targets set up. Season here in NH starts in ten weeks! My bow needed a new draw adjustment modular, and tubing on the peep. It was completely shot and it is never pretty when those let go unexpectedly. I use a Whisker Biscuit rest, and replaced the innards on that, so I think I am ready to practice. In the next week or so I will repeat my "How do you start a deer camp?" (with no money, maybe no land etc.) It's easy to do, and was the original basis for this blog years ago. I had a query wondering if I mind people contacting me via email. I don't mind at all, and that is why I sign with my address.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Blooming At long Rindge

Mid June it may be, but I have a few left over early spring pictures, and wanted to get them out. The first doe below is 10 feet in front of one of our turkey blinds where we call the East plot. Very hungry, and very, very pregnant. 
The next doe is quite a ways from the East Plot, at a mineral lick far up on some ridges. Very pregnant and due any minute if you check her bagged up udder.
Below is mom and last years surviver! She is clearly signaling another deer to stay away from the lick - not sure if her babe, or a deer out of the shot is meant to receive it.
Below I have named these 'molcanos'!Not sure why they are so high except it was below freezing, and perhaps the dirt froze in place as the mole kicked it up. The highest one was about nine inches tall. Never seen them like this before.
Someone tried to hide this acorn in the fall and apparently forgot where they put it.

Heaving bales down from the loft, I found this ermine weasel in prime winter coat dead deep in the hay. They go up there after chipmunks and squirrels, but hard to know what killed this guy. Perhaps another ermine?

These little bear tracks are in the lane, twenty feet from deer camp. 
The bear track below is in a run-off puddle in the lane and is almost five inches across. Mom and last years cub?
I have gotten several plots tilled but it has been too wet to plant yet, so still waiting. I like to get clover in by the middle of May, but just haven't had the opportunity. Hopefully this week will clear the moisture, and I can go to work. What are your plans for fall?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Critters at Long Ridge Deer Camp

These two look like twins from last year, but the further one looks a lot bigger. Plus, he appears more style conscious with the Mohawk haircut...
Still in antlers May 16th! What will it take for him to decide to grow new and bigger ones?
Busy bear below,...we are over run by bears, and the fawn recruitment will suffer...
Another shot of May antlers! Rare in the North...
I love the little porks. They all but disappeared for some years as the Fisher wiped them out. Now the trappers have the Fisher under control, we are starting to see them again.

Another bear shot...
He didn't like having his picture taken.
He has hit the camera and bent it to the ground where it takes a picture of his foot...
The camera was alright once I up righted it and re-set it. Check the balloon that landed here. When I went up to change camera cards,  I did not see it and have not seen it since. Did a bear eat it?
Camps for fall are well covered as far as firewood goes!
Nice beard here, I'd guess 11 inches.
Same tom and fully fanned. Never got him and neither did other LRDC hunters!



What is on your summer schedule for fall prep. Anyone thinking about starting a deer camp? Need help? Call me!

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