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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mid-August Musings at LRDC

As you know, all of August is pretty much taken up with bow practice, planting the fall food plots, mowing the perennial plots, and general upkeep. Yesterday several camp members and I hit the woods and visited all but one stand. We tightened straps, added new ratchets to keep them safe, replaced pull up ropes, and maintained them in general. One stand required moving a twenty foot ladder and the stand itself, major work was accomplished. Below are some does and babes. Survival at Long Ridge this year is way ahead of last year, I believe because the mild winter allowed the does to enter birthing season in so much better shape.

Here is a nice bear crossing a mineral lick. We are seeing a lot of bears crossing roads, in fields and on camera - more than last year I think. They are a major predator of fawns during their first several weeks of life, but recruitment still seems high this year.
Same mom and baby as on the 4th...

Check the paths meandering though this lush clover patch. The deer are feeding heavily here, as we had hoped. The last week has seen a major acorn drop, so the perennial plots will get a slight break.
If you look closely below, you can see a doe staring at me from another field. I am about 150 yards away in another field with woods in between us. Just to her right, but barely discernable in the picture is her fawn. 
The fawn below is not at Long Ridge. I was on a food plot consulting job when my client and I startled this fawn, who simply jumped up and stared, as we backtracked across the hill.
Food plotting below several weeks ago. This plot is already 6 inches tall.
Full moon over deer camp.
Another food plot seeded...
And another...
And so there you have this month finishing up. A few touches and we are done. Bow season starts in three weeks, bear season in one. What are YOU doing to get ready?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Straggling Pics While We Plant Plots

As I closed down cameras for food plot planting I found a few more on the cards. maybe this racoon is responsible for three lost chickens during July...
The does are all looking very healthy this summer, much better than last year.
East plot mom and babe, the one below is probably the same one, but sure looks bigger!

This hare just seems to keep goin' and goin' and goin'

These are some of the seeds going into our annual plots this year. It will take me about two weeks to get all the plots fertilized, limed, rototilled rolled and seeded.
Pocket cam shot of a rising full moon over LRDC.

Last fall I found the first two acorns ever produced by two young white oaks by deer camp. I took both, and planted them in pots. When they are a foot tall, out into the forest glens they go!
Everyone practicing with your bow?
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