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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Straggling Pics While We Plant Plots

As I closed down cameras for food plot planting I found a few more on the cards. maybe this racoon is responsible for three lost chickens during July...
The does are all looking very healthy this summer, much better than last year.
East plot mom and babe, the one below is probably the same one, but sure looks bigger!

This hare just seems to keep goin' and goin' and goin'

These are some of the seeds going into our annual plots this year. It will take me about two weeks to get all the plots fertilized, limed, rototilled rolled and seeded.
Pocket cam shot of a rising full moon over LRDC.

Last fall I found the first two acorns ever produced by two young white oaks by deer camp. I took both, and planted them in pots. When they are a foot tall, out into the forest glens they go!
Everyone practicing with your bow?

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  1. Nice pictures from your trial camera. About the was maybe 100 metres. If it had been hunting season it would be perfect. He ran with his side to me into the forrest. But he will be loosing a lot of weight now doing new calves :-)


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