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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mid-Fall, LRDC Getting Ready!

Tons and tons of game in our woods this fall. Deer, fox, coyote, bears, porcupines and more! I was worried about the mast crop, but the acorns recovered and are plastered everywhere. Nothing that feeds on them will go to winter in poor shape! No apples, and I don't see much soft mast at all, but there is plenty of food out there. Because of a nasty overseas accident in the family I have not been able to hunt yet. I do hope to get out muzzle loader opening day though. Each ten days I am gathering camera cards and you see some of the shots below. Only one buck in over 900 pictures of deer. Pretty sure I do know where they are though...below you see some bears. Several different moms have been passing through and all have at least two cubs.
This one has two.

Guilty looking fox. Probably the one that got one of our hens a bit ago...
Turkeys dressed in pink. Don't know why this stealth cam continually does this...
A doe in excellent condition.
Mousing in a food plot.
Only buck in 900 deer pictures!
Not sure what this doe is eating...
Mom and babe.
Nice size coyote. Hope to get him one of these days...
The doe below looks actually fat! She would dress out above 140...
And a mile away, another.
Best of buds on the mineral lick.
Spring babies.
I took this apple bud picture on September 17th. Mid September our apple trees re-leaved and blossomed out! Must be confused from the drought...
A good friend helping to maintain stands. Without a ladder, stacked logs get him up there! A+ for improvisation!
I did finally get my 40 yard groups where I want them.

More moms and babes.
A spirited entry to the east plot.
Spots on this fawn are gone now. This was mid September. Never mind the date on this camera, it will NOT reset correctly!
With momma
This barred owl was sitting on the edge of the Far Field on my morning walk with the pups, and graciously allowed this picture.
I feel blessed to live where I do, and to have two deer camps planned in the next several weeks.
Camp wood is stacked and ready, water jugs full, and the game pole is ready! Let me know what your plans are!
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