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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Slow Lane at Long Ridge

Things are quiet these days in the woodlands. The canines are all whelped out, the deer are about halfway done fawning, and most turkeys have hatched a clutch. It seems like May was a decent month for poult survival, so fall should see swarms of the turks. Coyote count here is down so fawn recruitment should be pretty good (although the bears ARE doing their best because of early wakeup). The first four pictures below are over a mineral lick.

While this lick is primarily for deer, I have found that critters from rabbits to bobcats use it. Two raccoons show on it for the first time.
This large coyote doesn't have his nose in the lick, probably just savoring the smells of creatures he would love to eat.
Many red fox around too. 
The rest of the pictures are on the East Plot, and are all black and white because the color camera is giving me pink pictures. I have to edit the contrast and my only choice is B&W. (all lives matter)The deer below all look in good shape, with the ones having fawned already compared to those about too. Check out the difference.

This is NOT Momma bear, but a loner passing through. Much longer eared.
This is what I call a selfie! Gorgeous!
Ready to drop twins?

here is Mom back with her babes.
Check the little paw up in the air as they wrestle!

Their jobs: romp, wrestle, nurse, nap. That's all folks!

This doe has the flanked out given birth already look. But she looks strong, and should be. There is a TON of food out there!
Questions/comments welcome!
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