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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Long Ridge Early Summer Things

It has been a wet summer so far on the farm this year. Not much boating time at all, but I did manage to get in two food plots and one way up on the East Ridge. Of course the day after I seeded it we had torrential rains, so I'll wait a bit and re-seed if I have too. Below is me, doing my almost favorite thing...retrieving camera cards.

 I never had daisies like this until I planted a food plot here two years ago. After it was eaten off and died, this is what replaced it. They're beautiful and the deer love to bed in them. 
 This young guy visits behind the kitchen every day, and for the last week has been bringing his lady friend with him. She has no poults so must have lost them to the wet conditions. Perhaps she is attempting to re-clutch. I hope so!

 This is a Dunstan Chestnut tree. It is screened to protect it from deer. I planted three, and have high hopes for these blight resistant trees to produce nuts within five years.
 Galloping into the East Plot.
 Covering my back trail...
 Antlers in close!
 Another young bear.
 Nice profile and face shots of a handsome buck.

 No chicks with this lady either...
 Little and looks a bit thin to me.
 This is a strange camera malfunction, but a beautiful profile shot of a deer! I do not know how the pink got in there! 
As it's July, I am late in setting up my bow target. If it dries out this week, I'll get to it and try to sharpen my eye. Bow season is two months away!

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