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Monday, June 22, 2009

Late June

Ok, here it is, late June, and so much to do to get deer camp ready! First, we have to continually monitor the game cam to see what's out there. This determines whether we shoot any bucks, or just mature bucks the coming season. Does are fair game, anytime they are legal.
I must admit we are far behind this year due to family (what is more important?) considerations. I should have pulled all the straps from the tree stands, and released or replaced them but I won't do that til this coming weekend. May is the best month because the trees have just started to grow.
Next, we need to keep mowing the food plots so that the weeds do not overtake them. Even the 1-2 acre clover plots need to be sprayed and mowed against weeds and grass if they are to last. This spring has been so wet and miserable that spraying has been out of the question!. So now, a lot of catch-up!
In addition I have added another food plot that must be limed and fertilized before I seed it. Seeding for fall in this Northern clime should happen around August 1st if you want deer coming to them by mid September. Lots of work ahead.
As I work on each plot I will return with a load of wood which I'll drop at deer camp to be stacked as time permits. I like to have about two cords ready for camp, as hunters love a huge and roaring fire day and night.
Next job in June is to get my bow in for a check-up. It doesn't need much, but the peep tube broke and should be replaced. I'll have the tech guy check the string and other vitals, and then start practicing late in the month. That means buying a dozen or two mulch hay bales for a backdrop for my life sized deer target that I practice on with G5 broadhead practice blades which shoot to the same point of impact as the sharpened hunting points. That is why I use the G5s. They allow practice with the same head, and they drop deer faster than any broadhead I have ever used (or seen used). Also this is a good time to start reminding hunting buddies that a group practice session is in the works. That tends to get us all out and practicing so that we are fully prepared for fall.
Next post will be on the interior of deer camp, improvements in the making, and making ready for the cold weather, the heavy boots and the demanding hunters arriving!
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