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Monday, October 29, 2012

Goings On At Long Ridge Deer Camp

This is my camp bird feeder, which is quite beat up from squirrels, bears, and others. I probably should wait another month til the bears den up, but what the hey...

 Geese are finally getting serious about migrating. This was a huge flock right over the farm.
 Three days ago, I found this fresh rub in our very mature Christmas tree plantation. This tree is ten inches through, so the buck is likely a big one! This tree is about 150 yards from camp porch.
 Friday I spent the day hunting pheasants with an old college pal. She raises and trains field dogs. After an unsuccessful hunt she wanted to train a five month old, and then freshen her 4 year old stud for a trial this week. 
 Above and the several below Kathy is working her pup on a quail she has placed in the near field.
 The pup finds the quail and points, and Kathy moves to steady her on the bird. 
 When flushed, the quail flew around the bend and into a brush pile where we left it.
 Below her champion male points to a chukkar in the Far Field, and I took this and the following close in picture.
 If you click on this you will see the chukkar straight to the left of the dog.
So, beside a bit of bow, pheasant hunts and dog training I am feeling the itch and pull of muzzle loader to start next week. Can hardly breath!

LRDC Targets for the Season...

I have hardly had time this bow season to hunt, and have hit my stands exactly twice. No deer seen except ATVing out there were two does grazing in the Far Field. The other day I changed cards in the cameras, and here are some good buck shots. Mostly nocturnal, but a few day shots. Muzzle loader starts on November 3rd, and I will definitely be out there...

We won't be shooting this little guy. Can't eat 'em, and they do no harm...
Blow up this picture and check the rack on the deer farthest away. I WANT this guy!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Long Ridge Fall Pictures

Just some fall pictures I did not want to delete...

This guy may be a taker...

The doe below was taken on my pocket camera...the fawn with her does not show.

Silly with turkeys...

A blog to follow directly with more pictures.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Frolicking Fawns at Long Ridge

Lots of different fawns on camera this fall, and I am so happy to see a lot more make it through the summer than last year. This one has lost all spots, the one below, not so soon...

Does, and more does...

I do have a fall turkey tag, so if boredom sets in, a grilled breast in bacon would be welcome.
Love that chicory!
Heads up!
I heard that!
First migrating Canadas on camera this fall
So exciting to be loading hunting gear and equipment. We are well into bow hunting.
One more spring babe.
Remember, if you have any luck, send a picture and it will go up on LRDC's board! My dear Wisconsin friend has already tagged out with bow! Go Girl!
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