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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Early Bow Season at Long Ridge, and Wildlife Diversity

Because of the hot weather in September I waited until this month to hunt. Unfortunately, I have been out only once due to farm requirements. The one time I was out there, all I heard were acorns hitting the ground. Millions and billions of them. Beechnuts. Apples so heavy on the wild apple trees that the branches were breaking under the load. White Oak acorns the heaviest I have ever seen. Still so many apples on the ground that even the bears cannot keep up. Whatever a season this brings us, I know that the deer and other creatures will go into winter fat, and strong. Not sure I have ever seen a food laden fall like this one...
Below you see a young buck meandering across a food plot. They will have no interest in this food until well into November.
 I thought this was a neat picture of a crow coming in to land under the apple tree.
 This Bobcat looks hot as the camera catches him up on the Far Ridge.
 This is as good a buck as I have on camera all summer. Which of course, means absolutely nothing.
 Glad to see this bear. Hunters took 37 from this area (H2S)  and apparently there are plenty left.
 It looks like she is playing tennis, but actually it IS an apple!
This Mom and her two babes have been around all summer, and as of mid September, their spots are gone! We will pass them (and her) up this season.
This young guy has finally lost his fuzz. Maybe he'll make it another year or two..
This may be him before losing velvet.
 One of a million apples to be swallowed!
 The gang on the East Plot.
 What would diversity mean without turkeys?
Check out the buck with only one antler! What happened to this guy?

 I hope this medley of pictures was enjoyed by you. Let me know how you make out this season,
and send me any pictures you have of your hunts so I can post! best of luck to all!



















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