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Saturday, April 26, 2014

April Ramblings at LRDC

This Fisher is the only and first creature to visit this remote mineral lick this spring. I suspect when things green up, higher on the ridges, the deer and bear will begin to hit this.
 I found that our soft and muddy spring trails had been churned up in good shape, and did a little investigating. This youngster, driving a '301' ATV (anyone know who makes that?) did dig up some food plots and in general spin out and have fun. I back trailed this machine, and this photo goes
to the local game warden. Last Thanksgiving I had my first game camera stolen, and almost posted the land. This may seal the deal. I have posted against bringing dogs and ATV's on the property but NEVER have I contemplated No Trespassing until now... 
 This peaceful morning scene found a cloud moving in and for twenty five minutes, we couldn't see 200 yards. Gorgeous!
 Below is inside camp in April. Damp, cold, unorganized, and messy. Not 12 below zero like January, but not comfortable at all.
 The two beagles you see below belong to a neighbor. They are brother and sister, named Cookie and Buddy. They are trained hunters and busted out a few weeks ago, probably on deer and ran all day. They always end up here. They are over ten years old and are exhausted. We take them in, feed, water and rest them, and then call their owner.
 Sadly, we learned Cookie passed away during the night, two days after we
last brought them in. I'll just bet Buddy misses his sister...

 Here is the last deer bed I found in the snow, right in the Near Field.
 Luna, our Sheltie, and lover of cold. The colder the better and she always seeks out snow. It's all gone over the past week and she still looks for it. By May 1st, I will restrict our pups to the road and around the house. The does will be dropping fawns within a hundred yards of us to avoid bears and coyotes. They do NOT need our nosy pups in their faces!
 And last, the latest full moon shot from camp porch.
Remember, frost over seeding needs to be done by now or it will be too late. Get your plots in shape!
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