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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Food Plot Madness and Bow Season Looming!

This little guy is typical of the bucks we see this time of year. It is NO indication of what is actually out there.
 Our fawns are universally big and healthy this year, and many does have two. My neighboring farmer who is obsessed with coyote hunting has definitely made a difference.
 These poults look pretty good for August, but I just saw some that were teacup size, and wonder if they will make it..
 Twin fawns on the Far Field.
 Doubles on the East Plot.
 Typically, year around, I have this venture Predator in .223 riding on my ATV. Raising sheep in N. New England, you learn to always have a gun. But check out the next picture...
This is the bore of that rifle, which I happened to notice by accident. A mud dauber wasp had loaded it an inch deep with wet mud, and had a babe in there. Even after soaking with CLP, I had to pound a cleaning rod through, and then work an hour to smooth the bore. If I had fired a round through this, I would have seen the barrel banana peeled.
 Below, you see my late afternoon discipline! Bow season opens four weeks from today!
 The latter half of that discipline. Forty yards max, but prefer shots 30 yards and in.
 ATV, sans rifle, headed out for seeding, rolling, sterilizing plots. August 1though 30 is the magic time of year here in Northern N.E.
 Dozens of types of seeds, and mixtures take place in this room before I head out. Plots should be rotated, and year 'round nutrition needs of wildlife should be taken into account.
This is a carpenter bee. They drill absolutely perfect round holes in the camp porch beams, and feed babes in those holes before sealing them off. Then the next June, they fall dead out of the holes. I suppose the babes then hatch and carry on..
 Another little guy.
 Today, I rototilled and limed this plot to be seeded tomorrow. I sort of hated to do it because these little ones have been feeding on it all summer. But if I don't, then come first frost, the clover is gone and there is nothing. So, seed tomorrow and fall feeding through late November can commence!
 A bright red mushroom with white polka dots. No clue...
 These two food plots are hitting stride, and already the deer are nibbling...

 Below, you see the age old rule...
 A typical trail though the farm woods. Clearly delineated, but not overused. Wide enough for an ATV, and with care, a tractor. But mostly used by wildlife.
 We have a half acre of dedicated milkweed plot for the sole use of Monarchs. Back in the 90's we had uncounted numbers of them. This is the only one I have seen this year. Last year also only one came. I do hope people get on the bandwagon with planting milk weed, the ONLY food the Monarchs can raise their young on
Well with 9 food plots in and done, and bow season about to start, we are gearing up at LRDC for a long and prosperous season. Tell me what your plans and hopes are and maybe we can help you achieve them! Write if you can!

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