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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Almost....that is, Almost, May at LRDC

We keep hoping...this morning on April 23, I walked the pups in a raging blizzard. It didn't last long, but while it did visibility was about 100 feet...flurries like that all day long. At noon I had range training, and it snowed there too! But back to deer Camp...below is a picture that is almost haunting to me. It is 5 PM and I was walking the pups across the Near Field. At the top, a hundred yards away, these deer stared at us but never ran away. The Shelties were barking and running in large circles, but the deer never moved. Cool.
Here is the first coyote I have on camera in five months, and it is a very large and nasty looking one.
 Up in the fields behind the farm, about eight to twelve deer come out in the evenings and mornings to feed.
 Below is a different herd, feeding across the road up behind the Christmas tree plantation
 Well hello! Face on!
 Plenty of turkeys did survive this nasty winter. We were worried, and there were reports of them falling from the trees, dead of starvation, onto the snowmobile trails. Apparently many of them were able to tree bud through the winter, as they certainly could not walk at all through 20-30 inches of powder. Just around the farm we have at least six large toms, and a dozen hens/jakes.
 Our pals, just fifty feet from our kitchen window, in the garden of course.
 This is the Far Ridge Plot, the farthest from LRDC, and the snow and ice is nearly gone!

 What is spring in America without the raucous call of the crow!
We are looking forward to the greening of the Connecticut Valley and the attendant babes that emerge.
Keep us posted on your areas!

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