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Friday, November 6, 2015

Just Before First 2015 Camp!

Here it is, early November, and first deer camp is coming up next weekend. I have been out bow hunting and muzzle loader several times. Could have shot a doe broadside at twenty yards a hundred times. But it was 10 minutes into my first muzzle loader hunt, and I just couldn't. This guy below I would take though, should he get weak and appear in daylight.
 Below we see what we call the "leap of Life" She is fleeing something by jumping over a planting of Brassicas. Now that we have gone to 19 degrees, the starches have turned to sugar, and the whitetails love them.
 Turks aplenty, and everywhere. Six feet from my office window.
 I am hoping to meet this gentleman sometime before hard winter sets in...
 Returning from the Far Ridge late afternoon hunt.
 I know this one. He and his mate are familiar visitors to the farm.
 Bear season here is over, and 37 were taken from this area. But still we see them on camera with regularity.
 These two are feasting on an apple crop even they can never keep up with this year's crop.
 A snarl warning the camera flash to bug off!
 More snarling over who gets the last apple. These two are siblings, born spring of 2014. It is Mom's time to breed again, and she tossed them out, or got taken during the season. These two will be fine, and will den separately and go their own way come spring.
 I'd take him with a bow...

 The twins again. I see that the camera reads 2006, but these were just the other day. I did have a little six pointer blow the camera out, and suspect the year got changed during that battle. It has been corrected!
Well, camp opens Friday at noon. We'll try to get some decent deer, and decent pictures and come back with a post here soon! Let me know what you are doing this season!

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