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Monday, February 17, 2014

Dead of Winter at LRDC

Like most of the country, we are in the dead of winter. Twenty inch packed snow and well below zero much of the time. I begin to worry for the deer during a winter like this. A little less snow and they can move around fine, and when the snow is soft, even leave the coyotes in the dust. But the incessant cold chews up their fat reserves in good order. Many will survive this winter - but many will perish. This grey fox below will do just fine. There are plenty of mice and vole tunnels to plow into.

These two bucks below are wandering in our Christmas tree lot. This is about 200 yards from camp.

Here is an earlier January picture of a buck having lost one antler. The other will snap soon. Maybe I can find it!

 Below is the pair I would REALLY like to find...
 Just a cheerful reminder of that beautiful season, Fall, when apples and does, and fawns are well fed, and happy...

 The dude I lusted for, and never got.
 And here he is, eating apples, and holding at bay some several coyotes..
 Back to nearer the present, though before the heavy snows. There is clover under these deer scrapes...
 Meanwhile, back at the house, the doves sit patiently in a maple tree waiting for me to walk away so that they may gorge on bird seed.

The next project is to put together a coyote hunt. Perfect weather to do it, and a hunting pal has ordered a new FoxPro. I'll let you know how it goes!
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