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Saturday, July 20, 2013

In The Heat of Summer at LRDC

Like most of the country, here at Long Ridge we are sweltering in high humidity and temps in the 90's. Little other than mowing and trimming can get done in such heat. Usually by mid July I am cutting, chopping, sowing etc. to get plots ready for August planting. This year I haven't accomplished a thing. We have barely a third of the hay we need, and hoping for a good August cut! I find that I have up to two thirds less animal pictures over the last few months, and am hoping that it is simply the heat. Only one fawn so far (a big fat healthy one) and that is highly unusual. Below are two different does on the East plot.

Here I am ATVing past my newest clover patch. While it has been browsed some, other years would have seen it chewed to half this height. It worries me.
At least one doe likes it.
Here is my sheltie 'Kalie' catching up to me on the ATV..
My only night shot on this plot in a week!
A broken turkey egg I happened on in the woods. I don't know if it hatched or was scavenged.
The doe below is watching me mow with a Bush Hog. She is 170 yards away.

In the road shot, I am standing next to my mail box with two yapping Shelties. The doe in the road is about 300 yards away and I am zoomed at 10X. She stood there a good ten minutes drinking water out of a pothole! There is a clear running stream thirty feet to the left. Go figure!

The three deer below are on the East Ridge plot.
I hope you are all managing to stay somewhat cool. Can't practice bow in this heat!

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