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Friday, July 29, 2016

Mid Summer Tribulations at Long Ridge

Plenty of game at Long Ridge this summer, and most are fat and healthy. There is
plenty to chow on, but things are not looking too good up ahead. We are in the midst of a nasty drought. We have only two water sources left on the property. Every stream is dry, and the fields are brown, and dead. I put in two new food plots, and a clover planting this spring. The food plots are just OK, but the clover never came up. The perennial plots I have not mowed because it is far too dry. If we begin to get rain we can plow them under and do some fall annuals, but where we'll be mid August is anyone's guess. The acorns are dropping because the oaks cannot sustain them. Apples are being let go now, not even golf ball sized. Below you see an argument at one of our mineral licks.
The fawns are mostly twins, and quite robust...
These guys miss their wet streams and frogs!
The doe below has big twins.
A big doe.
Below are the twins I mentioned. This is the Tall Stand, within sight of camp.
Another visitor to the mineral lick.
This is a different bear than the mom with triplets.
" why hello there!"

A popular spot.
Slim is beautiful!
We can tell this doe is nursing babes!
A little buck.
Back to the den?

Tall Stand again...
Flip's Stand
Night time raiders.
Coyotes like to check out the lick.

This buck is up on the Far Ridge.
These guys have already whacked some of our chickens.
We'll see what fall brings, and in the meantime, I'll publish again soon because I have so many pictures!
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