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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Frolicking Fawns at Long Ridge

Lots of different fawns on camera this fall, and I am so happy to see a lot more make it through the summer than last year. This one has lost all spots, the one below, not so soon...

Does, and more does...

I do have a fall turkey tag, so if boredom sets in, a grilled breast in bacon would be welcome.
Love that chicory!
Heads up!
I heard that!
First migrating Canadas on camera this fall
So exciting to be loading hunting gear and equipment. We are well into bow hunting.
One more spring babe.
Remember, if you have any luck, send a picture and it will go up on LRDC's board! My dear Wisconsin friend has already tagged out with bow! Go Girl!


  1. Hi! Nice pictures...our hunting is going on now....

  2. Thanks Jack and I couldn't help myself, I'm the proud owner of a bonus antlerless tag! Back to the woods, bow in hand, I go!!!

  3. Good luck with the bow hunting Jack, I look forward to see the pics. Atb. Jonathan


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