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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pre-Archery Photos at Long Ridge

I will start bow hunting at the beginning of next week. The season opened the 15th, but it is taking me a week to catch up on undone farm chores, hone my arrow slinging skills, get gear ready and de-scent everything. Usually I don't start seriously until October 1st because of the heat, but this year it has been nice and cool in September. Never got out for bear which is too bad because we have them on cameras quite often. Below is a doe and fawn at a mineral lick, and they both look sleek and healthy. The fawn is exceptional in size for August. All that clover I suspect.
 Here is a healthy looking bruin in the same spot.
 Ever present, raccoons are everywhere. They have been in camp yard eating white oak acorns every night, along with the deer.
 This buck is a seven or eight pointer, I cannot really tell from this picture. I would guess him a 2 year old.
 Another bear, possibly it is the same one as this is only a half mile from the mineral lick.
 Three deer taking their leave...
 Another buck
 Definitely not the same one as on the food plot. Bigger rack.
 Mom and babe again...
 This rabbit has lived longer than the pyramids...
 I guess this fawn a buck, because he is leading his mother.


 This barred owl was not the least bit alarmed by the approach of my ATV. Never did fly away.
 A hundred yards farther along the trail and here was another predator waiting in the trees. More careful than the owl, he flapped away on my closer approach.
 Curiosity got the mugshot!
 Another doe and fawn
 This one looks like a six pointer.
 Two weeks and the spots will be gone.
 Below is still a different fawn, the first time I have spotted this youngster with the tip missing from her right ear. How do you suppose THAT happened!
Well off I go into lurk mode for at least two weeks, hope to have some news by then. In any case, good luck on your hunts, and let me know how you make out!


  1. That rabbit must have the luckiest feet around to still be kickin' up his heels with those coyotes cruisin' about!

    Best of luck to you hunting Jack. We've already got meat for the freezer here...thanks to me! (Can't complain about breaking in my new bow on opening weekend! Too sweet!)

    Be well friend!

  2. Really nice pictures of you trial camera. We start 1st October with roe hunt with our dogs. On the 8th the moose hunt starts in sout of Sweden. North of Sweden began already 5th september and also bear hunting. We dont have bears in the south

  3. Love all your cam pix Jack and hope you have good luck. Is the bear close to your stand and will you take it if given the chance? We cannot hunt bear here in MS. It's illegal.


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