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Monday, June 3, 2013

Critters at Long Ridge Deer Camp

These two look like twins from last year, but the further one looks a lot bigger. Plus, he appears more style conscious with the Mohawk haircut...
Still in antlers May 16th! What will it take for him to decide to grow new and bigger ones?
Busy bear below,...we are over run by bears, and the fawn recruitment will suffer...
Another shot of May antlers! Rare in the North...
I love the little porks. They all but disappeared for some years as the Fisher wiped them out. Now the trappers have the Fisher under control, we are starting to see them again.

Another bear shot...
He didn't like having his picture taken.
He has hit the camera and bent it to the ground where it takes a picture of his foot...
The camera was alright once I up righted it and re-set it. Check the balloon that landed here. When I went up to change camera cards,  I did not see it and have not seen it since. Did a bear eat it?
Camps for fall are well covered as far as firewood goes!
Nice beard here, I'd guess 11 inches.
Same tom and fully fanned. Never got him and neither did other LRDC hunters!



What is on your summer schedule for fall prep. Anyone thinking about starting a deer camp? Need help? Call me!


  1. Nice shots. That's amazing the buck still had antlers.

  2. Very nice have bears ?? Exciting...we dont have them in South of Sweden. Up North we have them....very lucky I Think.


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