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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Blooming At long Rindge

Mid June it may be, but I have a few left over early spring pictures, and wanted to get them out. The first doe below is 10 feet in front of one of our turkey blinds where we call the East plot. Very hungry, and very, very pregnant. 
The next doe is quite a ways from the East Plot, at a mineral lick far up on some ridges. Very pregnant and due any minute if you check her bagged up udder.
Below is mom and last years surviver! She is clearly signaling another deer to stay away from the lick - not sure if her babe, or a deer out of the shot is meant to receive it.
Below I have named these 'molcanos'!Not sure why they are so high except it was below freezing, and perhaps the dirt froze in place as the mole kicked it up. The highest one was about nine inches tall. Never seen them like this before.
Someone tried to hide this acorn in the fall and apparently forgot where they put it.

Heaving bales down from the loft, I found this ermine weasel in prime winter coat dead deep in the hay. They go up there after chipmunks and squirrels, but hard to know what killed this guy. Perhaps another ermine?

These little bear tracks are in the lane, twenty feet from deer camp. 
The bear track below is in a run-off puddle in the lane and is almost five inches across. Mom and last years cub?
I have gotten several plots tilled but it has been too wet to plant yet, so still waiting. I like to get clover in by the middle of May, but just haven't had the opportunity. Hopefully this week will clear the moisture, and I can go to work. What are your plans for fall?

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  1. hi! Great Pictures!
    We dont do anything until Winter time on our hunting area.


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