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Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Arrives at Long Ridge

It has been a hot wet June here at LR, and I am totally bored with mowing lawns and typical farm maintenance chores. Just aching to get back to the woods, as are the pups for their walks. From early May through mid-July I don't let the dogs go beyond the camp parking lot. They will invariably happen upon a fawn carefully hidden by Mom close to human habitat. (fewer coyotes and bears) This has cost us dearly in vet bills in the past. The only wood trekking I do is ATV out to change camera cards. I use to clear trees, mow food plots and that sort of thing all summer but no longer. Every tree cut in May or June has an occupied nest, or lands on a turkey nest or near a fawn. Come mid July, I'll be out there.
This doe below looks to have given birth.
Hard to tell in the next few pictures what this rack will look like by August. He IS taking his mineral supplement though.

A gorgeous bobcat but check his mouth. He is panting in this heat.
Hard to imagine a prettier face!
I suspect that both coyote pictures are the same leggy dude..
A happy raccoon taking minerals. Apparently there is some distemper going around with these guys, some have been seen staggering and foaming at the mouth.

A Far Ridge resident cruising through.

Below I call this guy the 'Night Stalker'
A red fox camera curious?

Not absolutely sure what this visitor is, but guessing a raccoon - anyone else want to guess?

As we hit July it is time for you archers to get your bows tuned, and targets set up. Season here in NH starts in ten weeks! My bow needed a new draw adjustment modular, and tubing on the peep. It was completely shot and it is never pretty when those let go unexpectedly. I use a Whisker Biscuit rest, and replaced the innards on that, so I think I am ready to practice. In the next week or so I will repeat my "How do you start a deer camp?" (with no money, maybe no land etc.) It's easy to do, and was the original basis for this blog years ago. I had a query wondering if I mind people contacting me via email. I don't mind at all, and that is why I sign with my address.


  1. Nice shots. The does in our area are moving the fawns closer and closer to human habitat to get away from the coyotes also.

  2. Love the pics. At least you know what is happening in the deer woods.

  3. Great Pictures! You have a lot of wild animals nearby. We have less roe fawns here this year theyt tell.
    All is about 2 weeks late with birth of all animals because of the long Winter we had. So our moose calves will be very small when the hunting starts 14th Oct

  4. Love your pictures as well. I really miss my deer camp and hated to get out of it. I look forward to going to Rex's camp (Deer Camp Blog). A hog is on my bucket list there plus a doe or two. It's too hot right now and hopefully we will get invited up in the fall when the weather cools down some. Love the bobcat one. Even took a picture of one while on a deer stand at the famous Christmas Place. Can't wait to get back up there and get in the woods again. Hope you are having a nice summer so far! :)


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