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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Game at Long Ridge

These are the girls and boys I have on cameras this last few weeks...nothing spectacular, and with first cut still coming in, I don't have much time for fooling around on the food plots.  I miss them, and nurturing the local deer herd is all that really interests me...

At least this little hare is hanging in there. Bobcats and coyotes regularly visit here, but this fat little guy just keeps going, and going, and going....
How about I check out this camera?

Nasty boy!

So, little bucks, does in milk, a few rabbits and coyotes, and all is normal on Long Ridge. Surprisingly few bear on camera this year, and no spring moose yet. We will wait and see. We did have a hen snatched from under our watchful eyes yesterday. Our hens are free ranging (I know, I know! that is a recipe for tragedy!) but pretty much we get by with no loss. Yesterday a hawk or some such creature grabbed one and took off with it,  and we were but 100 feet away..the screaming of the rest brought us to them, but it was too late..feathers everywhere,,,.life on the farm...)-:


  1. Sad to here about the hen but what will we do of those type of natural hunters.

  2. Great pictures from your camera. Will get ours this weekend.
    My bloggfriend
    She has a lot of bears on her cameras.
    Sorry abour your hen, it happens when you have them free around.

  3. Great photo's Jack, you certainly have plenty of game around.


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