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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Progress Made in the LRDC Antler Department

I so enjoy watching antlers develop over the summer...
 This guy is pretty curious and I hope he stays that way!

Some pretty moms!

 This little cardinal nests very near to camp.
 More antlers, donated by Jim!
 Four baby turks with mom...taken with pocket cam.
 This buck also caught on my pocket camera. I was doing the perimeter trail and when I got to the East plot, this guy was feeding. As I fumbled for my camera, he ambled just out of the grass and stood there watching me for about a minute or two. That's why I love ATVs! Also I am glad he approves of this type of ladder stand!
 Sassy looking!
 Identical twin bucks!

With only two cameras in service, I am getting fewer pictures, but hope to place a third soon!


  1. Hi Jack! Great pictures! You place your camera well. Yes I´m so happy to get the luck to see moose calves so early this summer. Hope for some roe too.
    8th Oct the moose hunt starts and I probably will have them in a lens who sounds...very crazy but I´m born with the hunting and can enjoy the beauty of photograping the wildness

  2. I too love to watch them grow as the summer goes by. It makes me more anxious for fall to come.

  3. Great pictures with your cam Jack! I don't have a deer camp to call my own anymore and look forward to going to the camp in the Delta when we are invited. I know you are enjoying watching the deer grow and it really makes it extra special to see that happen. Hope you have a good summer and will try to get by more often. Take care my friend.


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