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Monday, July 9, 2012

Last of Late June Game Pictures

I think these are last of the June pictures. July pictures will be scarcer, because starting July 15, I begin to prepare the plots for their August 1st plantings. During this time I will move one of the cameras to a trail. Check out this bad boy below!
Next eight pictures are of peaceful doe fawns in sight still!

Hard to tell what this buck will develop into by fall...
Looks to be a six or eight pointer.

Bucks at the mineral lick.

Our lucky hares!
I never knew they did this, but if you check closely you'll see the snowshoe is carrying a stick in his mouth! Nest material? Let me have some answers!
Especially with this guy around!

Hope you all enjoyed! Off to mow our clover field.


  1. Great pictures Jack, looks like a fantastic area. When does your hunting season start?

    Atb. Jonathan

  2. For deer and bear, bow season starts September 1st, muzzle loader Nov 1st and rifle, pistol Nov 12. It all ends Dec. 15th. Can't wait!

    1. I feel your pain Jack, we have to wait till the 10th August for the Roe Buck season. I hope the time passes quickly for you and I look forward to hear how you get on. Atb. Jonathan

  3. Great pictures ...we can hunt wild boars now , but only stalking, 1st Aug with dogs. 16 th aug roe buck stalking only. And for me its 1st Oct roe with my dachshunds. I have to train the pups, their first hunting season. 8th Oct is the moose hunting. So from 1st Oct to end jan is every free time only hunting.
    We shoot trap every week now, good training.

    1. We are allowed to use dogs for bear only...I also like to shoot trap to keep my eyes sharp.

  4. It's illegal to shoot bear in Mississippi!

    Nice pix from your cam Jack. Going to have a good hunting season it looks like! :)


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