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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Long Ridge Nature at Work, and the Bears Return

All these does appear to be nursing so hopefully we'll have high fawn recruitment!
The turkeys and their broods below are below the Far Stand. There is a dusty place they all bath in there and lots of bugs for the babes. The strange shaded one is a camera mishap - not sure how it happened...

This doe is easily identified by the scars and missing hair on her body. A regular.
Looks like a headless turkey!

This bear is approaching the mineral lick.
Three shots of does on the Far Ridge

And here is bear, this time not bearing his behind.
Easy to see that these does are actively nursing..

And voila', a little one! Both on high alert with the bears and coyotes about.

Some interesting pocket camera pictures for the next post. What is everyone doing to get ready for hunting season? Answer: trying to stay cool!


  1. Ha! "...bearing his behind." I love it!

  2. Great pictures, how qute the little one is. We har planning a lot for our hunting season. A lot of things is to do, we have to get the area ready, planning hunting days. We was shooting clay pigeons today, trap..but it wasn´t a good day today...

  3. you are capturing the ridge, full bloom!

  4. Hi Jack! We dont have those predators in the south of Sweden, fox is the one. Wild boars will eat that too. The calf was discovered at 9.30 AM and its laying there maybe from early morning 04.00 AM maybe. No crows or other birds was there. Nothing hade been on her...


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