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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Early Turkey Season at LRDC

Below are a couple of turkey hunters during youth weekend, a fellow police officer, and his sons. They come every year, and love the East side. They do get turkeys! Here they are setting up...

Below is a LRDC hunter who has hit his mark in Walpole, just North of camp. A handsome bird, and the
first photo of 2012 to be pinned to the camp bulletin board!
Following are game camera pictures taken up through May 2.
Why do I love the Snowshoe so?

This pooch is cruisin' for a bruisin'..I see he has a halter on, and if I could see a leash in this picture I would be following up more actively. But this picture is taken far from any road, or field, and I have a hunch this dog is wandering without human intervention. In any case, at the trail heads on my land I have a 'no dogs on trails' sign. This pup probably ought to heed it...If the bears don't get him, the coyotes will...

Nothing flows smoother than a gray fox, I swear...
When this rainy spell gets over, we'll be back in business!


  1. No matter how many times I see that rabbit I just can't get over how big that freakin' thing is! You guys grow some serious rabbits there!!!

  2. Plenty of game about Jack, I hope my game camera is as productive as yours. Atb. Jonathan

  3. Hi Jack! Interesting about the turkey hunt. I will get our camera tomorrow. Been out for 2 weeks I know there is some of moose.

  4. Nice to see pretty wildlife taking some cheeses in your cam. So fun to see how effective trailcams are.


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