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Monday, May 28, 2012

Early Summer at Long Ridge Deer Camop

It is now officially summer at LRDC. Not because of calendar dates, but because of weather. Summer plants are bursting forth, some spring plants are past, and the lilacs have gone to seed! That determines summer, not some weatherman's statement! Below is a birch up on the Far Ridge. I was cutting a sun channel for the plot when I spotted this from fifty yards away. It looked and felt a lot like blood, but certainly is not. No idea what this is. Any ideas???...
 A healthy doe on a mineral lick
 This cool hare keeps showing, and showing, and showing, and apparently, he is quite sharp. Sensed pending danger and is OUT OF HERE!

 I know raccoons are good for something. Let me know your ideas!

 Must have been a rainy night when this dude ambled through...
 Bobcats were rare here up til about fifteen years ago...Now, we catch them on cameras quite often. There is no season open on them as of yet, which I like. Though they do take deer, their take is minimal.
 This guy I have shown all spring. This picture was taken May 20, and he still has last year antlers! We expect them to go any day.
 Yesterday (27th) I rode my ATV around the trails. I was in low range just putting along as is my wont, when I crawled up the steep ravine to the East Ridge Plot. There was a doe, eating in the plot, and hardly paid attention to me as I sat on the machine and idled.

 I unbridled my camera, and though she was less than 60 feet away, I ran the zoom up to full, and stood up in the saddle to get some pictures. That got her attention.
 Then back to feeding...
 Then she heard me crack a cold beer...
 What ARE you? She is asking...How beautiful, and how very pregnant...
 On a neighborhood road trip the other day we saw an owl fly across the road. I stopped and was able to get this marvelous picture of a barred owl...

 Here is a dude that will be a six pointer by fall. Not takeable, but handsome none the less.
Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures!


  1. Great pictures...what could that bee? I have no idea...

  2. That bloody birch is interesting. Could it be some kind of fungus?

  3. I think that is just a dried juice of a tree or something. It could not be a blood.

    1. We will never is a White Birch...

  4. Plenty of game about Jack, but I have no idea about the red stain on the silver birch, keep us posted if you find out what it is!

  5. You HAVE had some neat adventures! Finding a fawn in the barn? and the Bobcat on your cam? Great! I haven't had much activity on my game cam. I'll have to move it I think, or get a few more.
    I have also seen the red stuff on White Birches. I'm going to see if I can find out what it is.


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