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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Late Spring Sowing For Does and Babes

Farming has taken much of my time away from food plots and hunting issues this spring...We have lost two prize ewes (to us) both for unknown issues, and between nursing visits and vet calls, I am behind! I do hope to catch up before summer hits. Below you see a half acre tilled up, done early. I again tilled it about two weeks ago, and limed and fertilized it for clover. Trouble is, it was so rainy out that I am worried I may have puddled the soil. We'll see. 

This is my turkey set-up on the Far Ridge. I have only been out twice, and nothing came in, though I can hear the toms in the distance.
Below are two other shots from my turkey seat.

Could not resist throwing this farm picture in. Nothing to do with hunting, but love that our Shelties hang out with the hens, who ALL hope to gain entrance to the farm kitchen! Open that door, and the hens will march right in and eat the cat food!

On the Far Ridge Stand, I have opened up a fifty yard sun window for the actual plot. I have made brush piles, and placed logs hopefully to influence how wildlife enters the plot.
The BIG moon, several weeks ago...

Our one successful turkey hunter so far...
Everyone is busy in spring! What are you all up too!


  1. Love the pics and i know what it is like having to much to do and not enough time.

  2. Hi Jack! Great pics! I do document everything I see...we have lovely wheather about today +26 C, thats warm for May almost like summer. I hope to get our trial camer tomorrow and after 4 week I am certain of lots of moose pictures, watch out on my blog

  3. Yeah, I have also seen the super moon they called it. I also took a picture of it but I put it on my facebook. =)
    Nice pics anyways!

  4. Great pictures Jack! I'm looking forward to LRDC 2012 already. Hopefully you'll soon send out details for a few work days this summer.


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