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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mid-Spring at Long Ridge, 2012

These pictures date from about a week or so ago, but I decided to post another run of them because things will be heating up here in the woods over the next several weeks...fawns will be born, turkey hunting starts in a few days (youth weekend is NOW!) and plowing and seeding of food plots is happening.,..below are some recent shots from the Far Ridge mineral plot...

 The doe below is quite bagged up and looks as if she will fawn out this week or so...getting her protein and minerals at this lick.
 This handsome turkey boy is a taker on the East Plot, and I trust one of our hunters will bag him if I don't.
 This rangy boy is handsome in his own way, and I hope, oh, I hope, one of the hunters take him if they get a chance.
 I guess a grey squirrel...what do you think Wisconsin? Worth a shirt?
 Four feeders at once.
 I am sure the tom above will be in here, for her!
 A lot of arguing goes on here so I am establishing a second mineral lick, see below...

 Check the date, April 20, and his antlers are still on! When they finally pop off, we'll hear it all the way to the farm!

 It looks like a "Hello, what is THIS piece of apparatus?"

 Bunnies like minerals too.
 The other day it was full sun, and raining at the same time. This is all I could get but it is quite pretty I thought.
 While I was on the lower trail establishing a new mineral lick, this nest blew from a tree onto the ground next to me. All birch bark on the outside, and pine needles on the inside. Which of you birders knows who is responsible for this forest littering?

 The new mineral lick. I'll check it in a few weeks to see if it is used, and if it is, then relocate a camera to it.

Today, I tore up another half acre food plot, and I'll show you the details in a week or so! What is going on with you!


  1. Hi Jack! Great to get so many animals on the trial camera. We got some too, look into my post from yesterday.
    Hopefully we´ll get some hogs on it in the new place.

  2. That squirrel looks like it has no legs, just tail! He (or she) might be worth a shirt but I wouldn't get your hopes up if you want one that's good for turkeys because I have no luck!!! Not even the extra luck my deer slayer shirt radiates could bring a gobble close enough for my 12 gauge. Now if I had my .300 WSM, I'd be tellin' a different story indeed...

    Good luck to you turkey hunting! Can't wait to see that big bird down picture ;-)


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