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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Fool's at Long Ridge Deer Camp

Fox Bait!
Just kidding...these chicks are splayed out in a hot spring sun just soaking up the rays! April Fool's!

The next six pictures show two deer on the East Ridge plot..They look winter worn, and not all that healthy...definitely not part of the Far Ridge group that follows...there are only two deer in this group of pictures.

The next set of pictures are all on the Far Ridge, either a plot or the mineral lick. These animals all look sleek and shiny.

No idea where THIS picture came from. We have no snow, and I suspect it is from back in Feb/March. See the chicken feather in his mouth, and the chicken remains beneath the tree/ That was several posts ago. Silly camera!
This guy still has antlers as of April 4th! Imagine that!.
This buck, clearly much bigger than the little guy, has already dropped his antlers and the bulbs have already started to grow!

There will be a nice set there by fall, we hope.

Two cameras out of batteries, and one camera to be repaired..I'll keep posting pictures and hopefully have all three cameras out again soon! In the meantime, I have rototilled the Tall Tine Tubers plot ( that was a useless endeavor, more on that later) and clover goes there  during the next few weeks. Out comes the lime spreader etc!
Stay in touch and let me know how your spring is going..


  1. Those are great pictures Jack! I had no idea chickens could lay around like that. They look dead. Interesting that the deer in two areas fairly near each other, would show such different health indices. :-)

  2. All the deer I have seen from my area are in fairly good shape probably because we really did not have a winter to speak of.

  3. Hi Jack! Missed this post, thanks for look into my place...last post will continue tonight. I took over 300 pictures and it was an exciting show...
    We got snow last night , about 2 inches, spring will wait...
    Great pictures from your camera.

  4. Looks like you have a good population of game in your terrain Jack, I'm lookin forward to see how you get on.

    Atb. Jonathan


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