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Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Inertia At LRDC

Things are quiet up here on the Long Ridge...Spring hit so early that we are getting things done on the farm that usually take place in May and June. It is mid-April and already I have most of the camp wood in. I have turned over a plot of turnips sowed last fall. They came in fine, but nary a deer ever went near them. I thought that once it got good and cold the deer would be pawing them up and devouring them - that is the hype I received from the company...Forget it. I just limed and seeded the plot over with a great clover, and THIS will help the lactating moms and babes this summer.
Below are the last few pictures I brought in the other day. I pulled the camera from the East Ridge plot and moved it to the East plot, hopefully to get a bunch more creatures. I saw a porky grazing there, and hope to have him revisit for the camera.

 A little buck on his way...

 Turkeys near the Far Ridge
 This guy has had a long life span for a hare!

 Decent beard on this fellow...
In the next few weeks I intend to spray, lime, till, and reseed to clover another 10,000 feet in the Far Field, do one more shoot of my Savage model 11, and then move on to a new range project! Stay posted, and stay well.

1 comment:

  1. What exciting to see so many different animals on your camera.
    We have our at the place where the moose was with the fallow deer (my earlier posts). There was a lot of tracks from them so this time!! Until now we haven´t had success with getting some pictures.


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