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Monday, March 26, 2012

Early Spring Game Pictures from Long Ridge

Here are some early wildlife pictures...As I said, with the temps above freezing the cameras are out early this spring, and some interesting takes...

I always love the Snowshoe Hare...

Below is the first photo ever of two hare in the same picture...must be mating season! Looks like a pretty contented guy in the foreground..
Handsome spots---all about to go!

And tons of deer...
If you closely at this little guy you can see he just shed his spikes...Following, you see another spike horn who has not yet given them up!

The sign of a fantastically easy winter...
These deer are sleek, and in great health...

Hey you! Yeah, you! You lookin' at me? I call her 'Scarface" Check the healed scar tissue and injury out on the left cheek of this doe. Wonder what grabbed her!
Ever seen a bigger rump on a rabbit?
Greening up nicely, and this plot is covered with tracks.
Early mineral licks make a big difference.
With no snow, and early frost thaws, we will start having camp work days in April...What else to do!


  1. Great pics once again Jack! I love those rabbits. Too cool.

    Our winter was mild here as well and it shows. All the deer I see around look fat and happy just like yours. It should be good hunting this fall :-)

  2. Top pics! Interesting to see. I went out Sunday evening for roe pics and got a lot of great pics again...will come in posts

  3. Love the spring pics, I have to get my camera out soon.

  4. Great pics! I'm hoping to get my gamecam out this weekend =)

  5. Thanks for sharing some nice pix of your deer and rabbits...Looks like a very good season coming up for you guys! :)

  6. Hi Jack! About your question. European roes will have a weight about 23-28 kg male and 20-26 female, height 65-70cm.
    I will try to follow my 3antler buck. It´s a genetic defect for sure. If you look into my earlier post Trehörningen I´ve got a comment from a Norwegian reader who put a link to an article from a magazin where they shoot just like my buck

  7. i only saw deer on animal planet....


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