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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Bit Later in March at LRDC

It has been a bit muddy here down in the barn yards, so I could not help but put out my game cameras again. Warm enough that the batteries will last at least a month or so.  Looking for different scenes, so below you see a doe beneath an absolutely giant white oak I freed up last summer. It is 40 inches through at DBH! And the doe does not look too bad either!
Same scene, but with some snow and this time a wise guy Fisher, headed for where I wonder?
Same scene x 3 but this time with a raccoon. There are still a ton of acorns about, and this has brought bears, racs and others out of hibernation early! Watch your bird feeders...
What is HE after! I ask that, because they don't run away from ANYTHING!
View out the kitchen window. Throw this in here just to emphasize that one day 50, next, -5 degrees. Go figure!
Even with the warm weather, we still have ten inches of snow in the Far Field. it is a North facing slope, and is always this way.
Yikes, up on the Far Ridge plot another Fisher, most likely the same one. Always hungry, always hunting, always moving. Nature.
Fisher was a day late for this snowshoe hare, already turning brown in spots to keep up with the changing seasons. A handsome fellow, he makes me wish I had a beagle! 
That's it for pictures this week. Stay tuned and let me know what YOU have seen!


  1. very cool pictures, sure seems like you have a busy area for your camera. I plan to put mine out, maybe tomarrow morning.

  2. Nice pictures! Hope your snow will go away soon. Today its going to be +15 C in south of Sweden. Very warm for March, usually we have snow. I have a lot of pictures taken this weekend of roes and many nice bucks. We hunt bucks from 16th Aug and then only stalking. From 1st Oct we can hunt all roes with dogs...

  3. Great pics Jack! I love the colors on that rabbit and Mr. Fisher is a handsome one for sure. We won't be placing our cameras out for a few more months so I'm happy to be keeping busy watching yours!

  4. All type of hunts available at your land.
    Nice pics.


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