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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Middle Spring at LRDC

Things have been quiet and wet on the farm this spring. Lots of babies, and lots of rain. The turkey's nestings got blown out by weather, but most managed to re-nest and re-lay, and by late June finally I was seeing tea cup sized babes. Fawns are everywhere, I drive my tractor to the log landings, I jump fawns. I drive near my fields I jump fawns. I cannot walk the dogs past camp or we jump fawns and turkey babes. I love it. I have planted two food plots in the Far Field, and will fertilize them this week. Next week I will plant a summer crop on the East Ridge. The rest is maintenance. Next job I
have to do (six months late) is to loosen all tree stands so the trees can grow, and bring in the seats, those which the squirrels have not already ruined...and now - summer is here, and haying is upon us, along with boating and summer sports! Enjoy!

This is one of two coyotes I have filmed in six months. They are simply rare around the farm these days...

A bear clearly tore this stump of an old hemlock. I hope he found the grubs and bugs he was looking for...

Below, I am not so sure of. At first glance it appears to be the work of a moose. But the rip was from the top down, which would speak against that. Also, it was about five feet from the hemlock shown above. Tell me what you think!

A spring bear, and I am guessing that he is about two years old, Mom has booted him (because of new cubs) and he is wandering. Am I wrong?

A preggy Mom...

A left over eyes in the headlights winter picture...

Our guy again...or gal.

Concord gun show...had a great time, met some interesting folks, and some uninteresting folks.

 Let me know what YOU are doing, and hope you enjoy the pictures!
Comments are welcome.


  1. Sad to say that I don't belong to a deer camp anymore because of dues going up so high. That's why I really enjoy looking at all your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing and glad you are seeing a lot of fawns. That's wonderful! You have a great summer, Jack and Happy 4th! :)

  2. Good morning (Wet) Jack,
    Love reading your blogs, and of course great pictures! Tree stripping definitely looks like a Moose to me (tooth marks o top typical) Have seen many many in the NEK while rabbit hunting.
    First bear pic looks like a different bear to me. (Ears esp)?
    Love to come help when you're ready to do the stands.😀
    Busy Busy summer...


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