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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017 LRDC Last Winter Blast

I have tons of winter pictures left to post, and will post this so that I can send on some interesting shots. This, as you know is my census station behind the Christmas tree plantation.  I ,love flying bird shots and these crows are surprisingly graceful.

This fast approach below obviously makes this Gray nervous, and for good reason. An owl parks near here often, and takes Reds and Grays with regularity.

This only thing about this early morning winter shot is the fantastic colors. Not sure how I got this...

See the little guy on the left? His coat on both sides is rubbed almost completely off, down to bare pi9nk skin. I forwarded this to the local F&G turkey biologist and he forwarded it to the deer biologists in Concord. He called me to say they believe it is mange. Does not particularly debilitate deer, but is stressful. I never knew that deer contacted mange...

Below, we call this social submission...

The next four shots are two different family groups that are co-existing for half an hour or so, then go on their separate ways.

Same little guy again..

Below will mean trubs for the chickens, come spring...

The rest of these shots just show how very healthy the deer are because of a second very mild winter. I expect fawn recruitment to be high again this year.

I hope you enjoyed these shots, I be sending along some more. Comments or questions welcomed!


  1. Those last few shots are of very healthy deer 😀
    Didn't see your resident Big Boy Coyote?
    Tom. Nice pictures..

  2. NHSGTMOM@HOTMAIL.COMMay 12, 2017 at 8:35 PM

    Jack I love these shots. Never knew about deer and mange, either! Thanks for teaching me something new today.

  3. Enjoyed looking at all your cam pix and did not know about the deer mange either. You learn something new everyday! Looking forward to seeing more of your deer, etc., pix! Marian :)


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