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Sunday, March 6, 2016

State of the Long Ridge Deer Camp, 2016

First week into March at long Ridge, and it is a different March than most I have seen. No snow (never was any) snowmobiles never started, no snow piles, low oil bills, hey, it been March since December 1st! It did get cold, 20 below zero a day or so, and frost deep, deep...but winter? Nah. Now, we are prepared to get 18-30 inch snow storms in March and April as we usually do, but they'll melt fast, and spring is dominating. As my previous posts stated, I have had a tough time inventorying deer because they are indifferent to corn. They mosey by, snarf a mouthful or two, and move one. Some groups come only every third day. Yesterday while walking the dogs I was marveling at the acorns on the ground. Most have been ruined by insects by now and are rotten and brown inside, and unpalatable to deer. I stomped on ten and six had bright white meat in them. No wonder the deer are gone! Even the apple trees have tons of left over apples under them. Every species I have seen appears shining in good health. Below is a shot of two crows over the corn. I always love bird shots!
 This crew of mom and babes comes from the Cass Hill side of the road. Not starving obviously.
Pouring out of the woods...
 However easy a winter may be, to be 'en garde' is paramount to survival.
 Below is the 'Hemlock Group' off the south slope to gorge a bit.
 Crows and a Gray. Co-Exist! Ha!
 A flight shot. I think these are my favorites.
 Hemlock group in daylight..
 And another flight shot. In my next life.

 Pierce Lane Group, with the little guy on the left having had his right flank attacked by a coyote (my guess) but seems to be surviving just fine. He does favor that leg a lot, but runs on it just fine.

 Another uplifting photo!
 This little girl is one of my favorites. She often comes alone, which is extremely unusual in winter. Don't have a name for her, but she has great character!
 A bit more co-existence.
 'Deer in a Rainbow' (there might be a lesson here)


  1. Enjoyed looking at your nature photos, Jack! Love the bird shots as well. Very nice and thanks so much for sharing your neck of the woods! :)


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