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Sunday, March 20, 2016

1st Day of Spring, at Long Ridge Deer Camp 2016

The first day of spring here in the Connecticut River Valley brought us a 10 degree morning and hard freeze. Nothing unusual here, but we had already gotten used to the 40 degree weather. Still a ton of frost in the ground as there should be at this time of year. We took a nice trail ride on the ATV's the other day, and put out three more game cameras. The trails are a mess from the 50-60 mph winds we have had, but mostly small stuff. Until below, on the Mid Trail. Only took ten minutes to clear, and fun! I so love this stuff!

 First time placing a camera at Flip's stand and check out the pictures taken within 24 hours! Guess this one was placed right!

 Seems this little fox has a creature in his mouth but I cannot see it to say what it is...
 These three are from the Cass, and regular visitors..
 A healthy happy face!
 This flock of twenty is a regular now, and the big old boy in the rear, though early, is eager to go to work...
 That is, until little deer come in and re-take the territory. Sometimes they co-exist, other times, nope.

 These two below, wander in from the South but are not part of the hemlock group. They lost their mom to a hunter, coyotes, or car in the fall, and had no one to lead them through their first winter. In spite of the availability of food, and lack of snow, these little guys knew nothing of the ways of winter, and while most of our herds are shining with health, these guys are flanked out, beaten half to death by other deer, and in generally poor health. THIS is why I do not allow does with spring babes to be taken during fall season. Barren does, single does, does that have lost their babes, yes. Moms with babes - NO! It took me years of study to learn this, but it is a fact.
 The Pierce Lane group.

 What do we call this combination, a Creer?
 or a Durkey? A tureer?
Let me know what you think!

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