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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Last Hurrah for March @ LRDC

          This morning it was 30 degrees and snowing like crazy, so I decided to haul out some trees I had previously cut. These are trees around the Tall Stand food plot, in hopes that I can get a little more fall sun on the plot to give better growth. To say nothing of the four cords we burn over the winter.                           

Of course after all that work, I decided to treat myself to a two hour hike on snowshoes again. Once up in the woods I found plenty of places with 20+ inches still on the ground. North slopes mostly. These are the best snowshoes I have ever owned, they are Sherpas. I have only owned three pairs in my lifetime, the first being a set of bear paws, which were always a bit difficult for me to maneuver in tight spots. They got stolen when I was in college, so my next pair was an authentic indian made pair of real moose hide snowshoes. Pretty, expensive, and useless. Great in powder, but wet snow, ice, and water would stick to them until I didn't have the strength to lift them. Yard saled. These Sherpas are perfect, but just discovered that the company no longer exists. Not sure what happened...
Got into a pretty heavy deer yard on my land, and found hundreds of hemlocks stripped like this one for winter food. I found about twenty beds of varying ages and sizes, mostly on ridge tops and southern exposure. I did find a few in thick hemlocks on the steep northern side of hills though. That was a surprise.
Back at deer camp, it was cozy at 35 degrees, and perfect for a late afternoon snack!
There were several inches of snow on all the hemlock branches and this constantly cascaded down on my rifle. Bolt pulled, waiting to dry and then we'll clean and lube once again!
Below are some of the deer that have been making the beds I found. Most groups have been in fine shape through the winter but a few of this group are absolutely gaunt. Hope this little guy makes it...
 Mr. gray, back again.
 Mr. and Mrs. I am sure. Babes in one of these.
 Mom and spring babes. Looking in good shape.
These guys could use some green food!
A shot of the deep woods deer yard I was in today...

 Hope you are all able to get outside some, the weather is great!


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