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Friday, March 20, 2015

March at It's Worst at Long Ridge

Entering the last week of March here in New Hampshire, and it is snowing like mad, 18 degrees and beautiful. The beauty of course is only that those nasty winds from the hinterlands have gone away. It is calm out, and I just stood in the woods and listened to it snow. With the pups. Cool.
I took a snow shoe hike yesterday, and lugged my venture predator in case a stray Coyote heaved into sight (none did). I saw only deer and fox tracks. No coyote, fisher, squirrel, raccoon, grouse.
 I did come across these two very large deer beds. These are not in a yard, or in evergreens, but quite out in the open, a ridge behind, and a long sloping hill down on the other. A great vantage point, and I would guess these were two bucks bedding together.

 Gorgeous view from the Overlook, Monadnock is a bit to the right, and quite small from here. Just below me in the talus are some several dens. Raccoons, porcupine, bobcat and fisher use the rock slopes during the winter.
Meanwhile back near camp here is a healthy looking doe, quite pregnant. Hang in there mama!
 Mom and last spring's babe eating together (Mom won't tolerate any others this way, attesting to the large wads of hair I find quite often...)
 Not sure of this gray is chasing something or just running through.
 Second picture of a raccoon this spring.
 More of the herd.
 And here is a dual shot of a bluejay in flight, and the top of a rabbit raiding our bird feeder. Mr. Rabbit appears to be spending the winter across the road under the studio.
So while it is still winter here, with every stream and river frozen solid still, life is appearing, and the bird songs are changing. The sap should be running, but is not. It is very sporadic, and I am afraid this season will end before we get a decent amount of sugar! Let me know what you are up too!

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