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Monday, January 23, 2012

State of the Long Ridge Deer Camp Address, 2012

In short, we are in a state of disarray! Like the country! I mean, people, today it was -2 below zero, and after farm chores I walked to camp and it was a walloping 8 degrees in there! Way too chilly to organize or clean anything up. Below is my bunk, not much changed from the last day of deer season. Unwashed carbon clothes hanging around, and that sort of thing. After a range day a week or so ago I forced myself to clean all the fired weapons, but since that time, camp had been abandoned! The propane tanks are full, and have to remain so through next season, as I cannot afford to fill them on a regular basis...kinda like the national situation, ya know?

I am coyote hunting on a regular basis, but generally return so frozen that I simply heave my gear onto the table and head out to get warm..hey, it'll all get organized this spring! Hey, the debt will be paid some century hence, right? I just know our grand children will step up!

Below is my deer hunting gear from the ATV and my packs from deer season...basically thrown here and abandoned until temps reach the know, like when the unemployment rate reaches 5 % again...

I am cognizant (and broke) enough to have gone out and pulled my cameras finally. The batteries don't last too long in this weather, and below you'll see the last of the winter pictures.
The two below are me breaching food plot cams while on several coyote hunts I guess...

There was a heavy crust on the snow, so this day I was spinning around on the food plots to break it up for my hungry darlings.

A very large Fisher made this track across the Far Field. He's not unemployed, but he IS hungry!
Ready for next season, the bulletin board becomes clear. The first pictures on it will be either coyotes, or May turkeys that hunters get.
So, that's our status. Maybe five inches of snow on the ground when we should have 30, snowshoes and snowmobiles both in limbo, deer camp wood half done, deer happy and healthy with unusually warm and snowless winter, and more good coyote hunts planned. Things could be worse! Today, for a break, we took a short roadtrip to the marina on the West river for a glass of wine. We boat there from the Connecticut in summer, and as I looked out the window, I don't believe I have ever seen a bleaker, colder looking winter landscape. The colors are absolutely neutral, and the rivers both, are frozen solid in place. It looks and feels like Alaska! I love it so!

So, with glass raised, it is important to remember that already it stays light until 5 PM, that soon the sun will actually show above the Pine tops to our South, and that spring WILL bust out all over. A good sign is that the maple sugar guys are all over our orchards, trying to get ready for tapping. Once that happens, you know spring is right around the corner! So, that is Long Ridge Deer Camp's state of the union. What is yours!


  1. Sounds chili! Your does sure look good and I will never cease to be amazed at how fuzzy they get in the winter! Giant puff balls!

    We are still waiting to get some ice fishing done around here. I don't go on the ice unless you could drive a big rig on it because I'm a chicken. Soon enough though, soon enough, but until then I've taken up winter hiking. I really like it so far. Fresh air and the outdoors is always good for this gals soul... as well as my waistline I've found!

    1. Good for mine too! And by the way, you aren't are SMART!. People drown here every year going through thin ice on snowmobiles, ATV's trucks, you name it! You can't be too careful...have fun fishing!


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