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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Long Ridge Deer Camp - Early January Activities

Today I spent three hours coyote hunting and failed to call one in. I suspect that my call was extremely short ranged because there is so much snow on the trees that sound is completely muffled. It was nice to get out there anyway, and I always love a hunt, no matter what transpires. I set up at various places on the lower perimeter trails but crossed nary a deer or coyote track. 

How far will sound travel through these woods?
I set up right next to this bear cave, which is empty this winter. The last bears to use it were two cubs and a mom in 2010. 
It took me some time to decide what gun to take today. I finally settled on my Colt M-4 because it has a red dot sight (one minute dot). It was snowing so hard when I headed out that I figured my scopes would fog and get snow covered. I have a red dot on one of my 11-87 barrels too, but that shotgun is heavy, and I preferred to carry the light Colt, with the single point sling. I was dressed heavy for this storm, and the single point sling is perfect for that. You can sling it right dead center and walk fine without striking your knees, or sling it to the side. It's also handy while setting up calls. This carbine is extremely accurate. I carried this issued carbine on countless patrols and many SWAT missions, and it is perfectly capable of consistent head shots at 100 yards (yes, coyote heads). 
Because we have had so little snow so far, I am way ahead with pasture clearing, field edging, and here you see almost half of next fall's camp wood already gathered and stacked. I don't generally get around to this until mid summer! Another several weeks of little snow, and I'll get the rest hauled down this month.
Below are the last camera pictures taken around the first of the month. Plenty of deer and a nice gray fox. I went out and changed camera cards yesterday, but the batteries in both cameras had died, so zip for pictures. 

Nothing exciting, but always nice to see the critters! One hunter joining me next week for a coyote hunt, and then some several more coming to camp on the 29th for another. Wish us luck!


  1. I really like that spike in the first pic. I've never been coyote hunting but I should try it one of these days.


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