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Friday, September 1, 2017

Pre-Archery at Long Ridge Deer Camp

This may be the biggest Bobcat I have on camera in several years! Handsome.

Oh, the irony! Eating apples in front of my bow target at deer camp!
 But Mom knows the camera is there,
 ...but doesn't care!
 Sees the archery target...
 ...but doesn't care!
 Apples take priority this time of year. And there are tons of them once again.
 Some are a real mouthful.
 Hey, we all eat apples!
 My guess is these spots will disappear in several weeks.
Far Field turkey.
Far Field duo.
This camera is at the base of an apple tree in the far Field..
More turks and no babes!
Not as many twins and triplets as last year, but still some out there!
Next two pictures are out on the East Plot

Full alert in the mist...

Bow season starts in two weeks, but I broke the peep on my string, so in it goes to the shop. I am satisfied with my practices though, still going out to 40 yards, but I do try to keep all my hunting shots not much more than thirty. I still use relatively heavy aluminum arrows and the 125 grain Montec broad heads. They never seem to fail. Almost all the deer I have shot with this combo (at 60 lbs.) fold up in sight, even in thick woods. Bear season opens today, and I am contemplating a bait. I'll keep you posted. Our camps are scheduled, and it looks to be an exciting season. Good luck to you all! Comment and emails welcome!

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