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Monday, January 2, 2017

Long Ridge Deer Camp Catch-Up!

Well here we are in the New Year already, and I haven't posted since October. We only had two deer camp weekends this year, and I must say, I hunted less this year than any since college. A nasty family accident in Africa monopolized my time since mid September, and my heart really wasn't in the hunt this year. I am so grateful for the progress made, and we are getting back on track here on the farm. It has been a haul! With that said, here are some earlier fall pictures, and then a few follow-ups  after I started my December 15th deer census. First of all, the two camps we had were full, and fun. While I may have been mentally absent, the guys were fun, gracious and hunted hard. As I said in early fall posts, no bucks were appearing on cameras. The little I did hunt, I saw not a single buck. I believe that may be a first. Two LRDC guys did get bucks, but only one from this area. The others were in Vermont. Now, I must say, there is no shortage of deer. Between the two camps, hunters saw 46 deer, which is more than most years. But no bucks. During bow season I could have shot many does, and during rifle season I saw about six. But they were all with babes, and, as our rules go, safe.
Next year will be better!
Below you see a fall doe in the Far Field that is in about as good shape as you could wish for! 
 A daytime shot of another in the same field.
 This snarly looking guy is handsome, if unwelcome...
 A few turks under an apple tree.
 Early snow. This doe is feeding on oats.
 Again below...marveling on the condition of this young buck.
 I am out of here right now!
 Stretching my wings!
 This lady had taken a passel of chickens. I have no desire to hunt foxes, but she just had to go. Taken at 110 yards on the move with a TC Venture Predator. .223 50 grain Federal tipped varmint round. As accurate a combination out to 200 yards as I have ever fired.
 Our resident Barred Owl allowed me another great picture. He is about ten feet above me, and quite unconcerned, even with the pups bounding around.
 Below you see a few pictures of a buck we never saw all season. He is at the census station and doing quite well. He just lost one antler today and I will post that in my next blog!

 An earlier picture of grace in action.
 Early fall Mom and babe.
 bears, bears, bears!

 Young man back at the census station!
 The census is taken behind our overly mature Christmas tree plantation a 100 yards from camp. Here you see a few pre-Christmas shots of does with babes.

 I would have guess this possum would be holed up by now...if he doesn't he'll have a half life of about 30 seconds in this country.
 The next shots show the same buck bedding down at the census station. He obviously feels secure here.

 Until big boy arrives.
So, there you have a few pictures, and hoping to be more active this year! Things are REALLY looking up for 2017, and we are excited here at Long Ridge. Stay in touch, and let me know what YOU have been doing in the woods lately! We start logging here for cordwood any day!

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  1. Thanks Jack, great blog, great pictures. Interesting Antlers on that buck! No trouble seeing them above his ears!


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