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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Babes at Long Ridge

As spring matures at Long Ridge we are seeing all kinds of game and moms. Below you see the first moose on camera I have since 2009. Never mind the date at the bottom. This is a 10 year old Cuddeback and I cannot set the date correctly. More importantly, look at the chest (zoom in ) of this female and see the massive tick attack on her, and the blood from her rubbing against trees and such, for relief. No wonder their babes die...
Here is a fat doe, a pregnant doe in the height of health about to give birth. We'll have fawn pictures soon!
Here we are on the East plot, with a bear so close that it is impossible to size it. But from the smallish (appearing) ears, we know it is mature. The shine tells us it is healthy.
Second picture off a coyote in 6 months! I'll have to start my vigilance program, and call my neighbor who generally keeps the coyotes wiped out.
Hello there! Wondering what this contraption on the trunk of this tree is!
Raccoons always are part of the mix.
Saw this, immediately thought it must be a moose. I had seen some tracks in the trails, but thought they may be horses. I was wrong. A day later I got the picture above showing this lovely lady. No babe yet...
Of all the babes in the woods I think I love cubs the most. This Momma has three, perhaps four, and we'll follow them through the summer season.
All creatures are important, even the porks!
Nothing cavorts like bear cubs!

Deer DO mix in with the bears occasionally...

This is the picture that left me with the question of whether there are three or FOUR cubs. Check this one closely and tell me how many you see...

Hello camera! I know you are there!

No hunter on this land has tagged this big boy yet! But a good and large specimen!
Just deer and porks together...
Yours in Nature!

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