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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Last of the Long Ridge Late Spring Pictures

I would guess this long legged bear is on his own for the first time, this spring. A young one, and the first on camera since fall.
 Nice buck on the Far Ridge. Pretty good antlers for mid June. He may end up being a taker. That is, if we do our part!
 Always a pleasure to see the little ones. Same doe and babe in all three pictures. Check out the growth in the several weeks apart the pictures were taken!

 I love seeing them nurse...

 Below you can see a new spring food plot well started. I am hoping the deer will start hitting this in early August
 Here is a second and much larger plot started about two weeks later. You can see it is barely started, but with the rain we are having it will explode. Clover, oats, some beets and other secret things! Not pictured is a plot I have put in that holds a thousand Kale seeds for late, late season forage.
 Now below, this was fun, and just the evening before last. I took an ATV jaunt, and as I crested a rise in the Far Field, I spotted the brown of a deer. She is a good two hundred yards away, and the picture you see is at 10X on my pocket camera. As long as you leave the motor running, watch how close you can get to deer...
I slowly putt up the left side of the field, barely at a crawl...The picture below shows her about 50 yards away from me, not at all concerned. you can see a game camera on the apple tree. In the picture above, you can see the ladder stand in the woods.
 In this last picture I am sitting on my idling Honda about twenty five feet from her. I couldn't get closer because once I entered the 40 inch high grass, the noise made her nervous. She fed with me here for minutes. When I did try to ease closer, she merely walked off and I backed out of there. Fun!

Let me know what you are up too! In the next weeks or so, out comes the bow, a bit late, but I'll catch up!


  1. That is a long legged bear.

  2. Enjoyed looking at your pictures Jack. I wish I was still in my camp at Jasper Bottom Hunting Club in Claiborne County, MS, but had to get out because of the dues going up so high. Just have to wait to be invited now which is not very often. Keep the photos coming and have a great bow season and Goodhunting to you! ;)

  3. Nice post..!! Keep the pictures coming and have an excellent bow season and all the best for Good hunting to you.


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