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Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Typical New Hampshire Winter

We're a week into March, and the severe cold just broke...not that it's getting warm, but the -10 degrees and such we have been having for the past six weeks is gone. While much of the U.S. has had a more severe winter than usual, N.H. has not. On our south slopes the snow is down to ten inches, and not much more then twenty on the north slopes. Typical. The Connecticut river is frozen solid, and there are 18-26 inches on ice on the lakes and ponds. Typical. Streams are frozen solid in place, no matter how wide or fast they flow. Typical. The deer herds in this part of the state are doing fine, but as you can see, they have been shoulder deep in snow for weeks. This wears them down.
This squirrel caused at least 50 pictures on my camera as he went back and forth between our Christmas tree plantation and the forest...
These little guys are struggling to move in this stuff, but still can out run predators as long as there is no crust.
Deeper still, the snow keeps coming. This deer is expending a LOT of energy just to move...
This camera is on a spruce just on the side of the snowmobile trail. The deer use these trails hard because they are packed so hard. I have been logging this area, and I like to drop a bunch of maples and leave them for several days before I limb them out. The deer come in and gorge on the buds. When done, I limb out and drag the to the barn yard where they are processed.
Below is Deer Camp about a week ago. Cold (15 degrees) lonely, and abandoned until spring!
The backside of these thirty foot Christmas trees is where the camera shots above are taken. The field below it is the Near Field, named that because it is closest to camp.
So, while the rest of the country may have excuses to complain about the winter, we here in New Hampshire do not. our sympathies to those that do! As for tomorrow, I am snowshoeing into our deer yard to take a survey of 'fur balls' i.e. to see how many deer the coyote and bob cat have taken. The real carnage will start this month as the dogs get ready to whelp out...
Let me know how your winter is going!


  1. Thanks for the update Jack. It looks like one of your deer has a problem with its mandible? Deer pci #2

    1. That looks normal to me Mary, but maybe it's the snow stuck on her snout that makes it appear weird?

  2. Hey Jack, here in Connecticut is about the same. Tough for the deer to get around but they are making do. It hard enough for me to get around with my medical issues so I been waiting to scout and shed hunt. Don't know how much more time I can wait, really biting at the bit to get out.

  3. Love your snow pics but I'll let you keep the snow.

  4. Great pics. We are still in snow down south of you as well. The recent warm up made it a little tough walking in the woods the other day to pull the camera. Let us know how it goes on your walk.

  5. I guess you have to get used to living in weather like you have there Jack. Here in Mississippi it has been pretty cold in the 20's but lately in the 60's and 70's. Spring is only 4 days away and maybe soon you guys will be thawing out. Looks like a harsh winter for you and the animals. So glad I live down south. Hang in want be much longer and you will be thawing out soon! Always enjoy looking at your deer pix. :)

  6. Great cam pictures Jack. Your description reminds alot of my in-laws place in NW Wisconsin. They are buried in snow this year, but the deer are everywhere, and also using the snowmobile/tractor trails. Thankfully now, spring is near for them!


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