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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Perfect Season at Long Ridge

It's been several months since I have posted a blog. Deer season came and went so fast it was like a flash. I hunted more than I sat at a computer and love it so much more! On top of that, back to work at the Sheriff's Department and there goes extra time! In any case it was a perfect deer season. Some 13 hunters came to some or all of the three camps, and we did have some success. Nine hunters took some 14 deer. Two bucks were taken here as well, an eight pointer and I took a nice six pointer when I realized I was running out of time for the big boy seen in the first several pictures below. I have been monitoring him on camera all summer and fall, but I did not get him. On the last Saturday of firearms season, he did walk under me, clear shot, at 10 yards. I could see him  (and that rack) because we had snow on the ground, but it was so far past legal shooting light that I couldn't see through my peep sight. I was so stiff from waiting in the cold that when I struggled to draw, he heard or saw me, and was staring up at me. I am sure that I could have taken him, but am glad I did not. It would not have been right. There will be another year.

 This is such a cool picture and taken just before Halloween. A deer about to be eaten by a spider!

 Smarter than I am...
 This is a BIG fawn to be nursing so late in the year!!!
 2nd camp moon. Beautiful
 Saw this in the liquor store and just had to take to camp. No one opened it, so it cures for another year...
The doe below I spotted and took a picture of on an early bow stand. She never came in, and I would not have taken her in any case...
 Camp number one...
 Camp fires are always a requirement.
 Pups and hunters relaxing after the hunt.
 A hunter took this eight pointer from the East stand...

Thus we had a great season. The only downside is that on Thanksgiving I had a Cuddeback camera stolen from a food plot. It was a shock, and brought me the closest I have even been to posting my property. I was brought up against that, and still believe it, but I am close. We are stewards, not owners of land, and it breaks my heart that I even contemplate no trespassing. Maybe I'll wait. Wouldn't it be so much more rewarding to be out there, hiding, when some poor fool arrives to steal a camera? Let us see...


  1. Jack, it sure does sound like it was a great season. I to spent more time out than I did this past season and even though I only harvested one deer I still loved it none the less.

  2. Jack, was wondering where is your deer camp and do you have any openings?

  3. Hi!
    Seems you had a great season. We have 2 weekends of our season with our dogs roe hunting. Did some trials and had a great success with the dogs. We did shoot a roe for Ayla , her first one at last. She was very happy I Think.


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