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Friday, April 12, 2013

March On Camera At Long Ridge

I have not posted for a few weeks because I could not overcome a glitch in my computer...could not post pictures. I had over 200 pictures on my cams, but in reality, most are redundant. To make a short story of it, we have two separate herds of deer coming down off the ridges to find green. Though the ground is white today, we have lost most of our snow. Around the farm was clear, but  a few days ago I drove an ATV up to the Far Ridge, and got buried. I decided to take the John Deere up there to pull it out but could not make it up over steep icy trails. Come-alongs are Us!. Fourteen inches up there! Today, six. It is over!
I have placed three cameras out and below you see an owl doing a mouse, or vole.

Nice gray fox behind the Christmas tree plantation..

Preceded by a Red fox..
Several deer at ease...
These deer are up behind the house.
Mom AND Dad. They'll be whelping out n no time...
What was that!

On guard! 

Another Gray..





This is a good healthy doe! Twins on the way... 



Reddy again.


This is a healthy good sized coyote. That hide would sell!

 Nice rabbit tracks found on a walk.

WE are always advised by F&G to take in bird feeders by April 1st. Well, we did, and April second a bear came and finished up the seeds I had poured on the ground at deer camp. The shape of his body as he lay there, is huge. Then he came up to the house and did the bird feeder here in good shape...
Here is a coyote scat in the far field, and in it I find deer hooves.
Below are claw marks from the bear pawing seeds into his mouth.


So, I will try to be more timely with pics folks, and this month will see us out in the woods more, perhaps spraying food plots, cleaning up trails. Tell Long Ridge what YOU are doing!


  1. Love the deer pics. Haven't had much luck with my camera lately, I think it is getting tired.

  2. Wow what a lot of animals you have on your land. Great Pictures!

  3. I enjoy looking at your cam pictures and you never know what will walk on by! Thanks Jack for sharing them with us. I don't have a camp to go to unless I am invited to one. Had to get out of my camp because of the fees going up. You are so lucky to have a nice camp like that to enjoy. Keep the pictures coming and glad you got the glitch in your computer fixed. I'm loss with my computer. Take care and have a Happy Spring! :)


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